Pick ‘N’ Plan

Needs of individuals are different. We understand this and we do not expect everyone to go for a comprehensive financial plan. If you are just employed or if you are on the verge of retirement, more than a comprehensive financial plan, our PnP will suit you the most.

At Chamomile, you have the power of selecting services that you want on an a la carte basis. Create your own personal financial plan by choosing from the following services that we provide.

  • Insurance & Risk Management (Life & Health)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth preservation
  • Children’s Education Planning
  • Children’s Marriage Planning
  • Vacation Planning
  • Planning for Contingencies
  • Succession Planning (with help from an advocate)
  • Tax Planning
  • Specific goal oriented planning
  • Housing Loan Guide
  • Analysis of your debt
  • Creating wealth
  • Budgeting and cash flow planning

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