Comprehensive Financial Planning

“ Wealth, like happiness is never attained when sought after directly. It comes as a byproduct of providing useful service. – Henry Ford “

Savings definitely finds a place in the lives of many individuals, if not all. Whether you are a salaried employee or a businessman, savings is automatic by way of provident fund contributions or setting aside for emergencies as the case may be. Just saving will not suffice.

The tricky part is answering the following questions . . .

Am I saving enough ? Am I choosing the right instruments to save ? Will my saving take care of inflation? What portion of my saving should be allocated to real estate ? Should I go for gold ETF or a gold chit ? Why should I buy a term insurance ? Will declaration of nominee in my savings take care of succession planning ? . . .

This is where a need based approach makes more sense.

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning service does exactly the same. We first take a look at your goals and dreams in life, prioritize them, understand your risk tolerance, fund your goals with existing savings & investments, address the deficit, balance your assets and allocate based on your risk score, prepare a goal guide & review the prepared plan once a year to keep track.

How does this help you ?

Creating a comprehensive financial plan helps you to

  • Understand your current financial standing
  • Provides a roadmap to your dreams and goals
  • Empowers you to take rational financial decisions
  • Develops a set of tools to face life’s unexpected evens so that you will not be fooled by randomness
  • Keeps you focused on the goals you have set for yourself

This service includes,

  • Access to a dedicated Certified Financial Planner
  • Unlimited number of calls or meetings in a year
  • In person data capturing session
  • Analysis of your existing saving and advice on your existing portfolio
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan in soft and hard copies
  • Action Plan (with help from an experienced distributor)
  • Implementation through an experienced distributor
  • Free access to WealthERP, our portfolio monitor
  • Regular market updates
  • An interesting monthly newsletter called ‘Pigeon’ from our associate
  • Renewal Reminders

Note : Execution services will be provided by our associate Mr R Ganesh, who is a certified personal financial advisor (CPFA). The decision to avail his services is up to you and not compulsory.

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